zaterdag 27 maart 2010

Oxfam Novib Buy Fair promotion animation

Here's something from last year which I had a hand in (character designs and some animation thingies), along with Conchita Mulder, Tiddo Muda, Jasper van Nieuwenhuijzen, Anna Eijsbouts, Niels Beekes and Anna Eijsbouts.
This has circulated on some of their blogs for several centuries, so nothing new here, but it's still nice to post because after all I worked on it as well and it's quite fancy (not half as bad as I seem to remember).

I still have some unresolved trauma's from attempting to work with the Puppet tool though. It's an animation method that feels quite unnatural and far too Hocus Pocus technical for me. I might tell my shrink about it during my next visit. I repeat things often. I repeat things often.

Oxfam Novib - Chocolate Love from Conchita Mulder on Vimeo.